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The ASP.NET 2.0 Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks



An ASP.NET 2.0 book that just helps you get things done!
This book contains a collection of 101 best practice, object oriented solutions that you can easily adapt to your own projects.

Coverage includes:

- Working with text, numbers, dates & times
- Accessing data with ADO.NET
- Form validation under multiple scenerios
- Page, Session and application state tips
- Access control in web applications
- Producing standards compliant output
- Enhancing applications with AJAX
- Working with Email
- Handling errors and debugging
- Performance tips and pitfalls

And much more!

owner: perth_dotnet(1)

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endorsements, affiliations: Founding Supplier - 1st year of Hire Things!!
main category: All Categories > DVDs, Books, Music > Books > Computer books
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pickup location: Perth, Perth
areas delivered to: Perth
isbn 0-9802858-1-X
edition / year First Edition: September 2007
authors Scott Allen, Jeff Atwood, Wyatt Barnett, Jon Galloway, Phil Haack
publisher Sitepoint: O'Reilly

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